From our client:

The Haaland Group came in and saved the project over $1 million and untold months of planning and approval time. Without their solution, this whole project might have failed.

- Wayne Hill, Project Manager
Black Mountain Ranch, San Diego, CA

  • City of Thousand Oaks proclamation

  • 1996 Letter of Commendation

  • City of Thousand Oaks Commendation
    September 20,1983
    Camelot Affordable Housing Project
    Awarded Bob Haaland
    Consultants ("Blue Ribbon") Comittee

    Resolution of the board of Supervisors of Venture County
    September 20,1991
    Recognizing Robert S. Haaland and Haaland & Association Inc. on their 20th Anniversary

    City of Thousand Oaks Commendation
    September 6,1991
    Commendation in Honor of Robert S. Haaland

    City of Thousand Oaks
    June 22,1982
    Special Commendation Haaland & Association Inc. Special Patron of the library

    Thousand Oaks/ Westlake Village
    Regional Chamber of Commerce
    1999 Man of the year
    Robert Haalaand

    City of Thousand Oaks 1988
    Robert S. Haaland
    with sincere appreciation for your generous contribution

    Hospice of the Conejo Valley
    In gratitude to Robert S Haaland