From our client:

The Haaland Group came in and saved the project over $1 million and untold months of planning and approval time. Without their solution, this whole project might have failed.

- Wayne Hill, Project Manager
Black Mountain Ranch, San Diego, CA

$3.1M penalty against Wal-Mart & $1M against the Seven-Up/RC Bottling Company of Southern California - Published: Jan 05, 2012 - Back

Stormwater Regulations Crackdown

More manufacturers may soon be hearing a knock on the door from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under a new nationwide crackdown on violators of regulations aimed at minimizing storm water runoff.

The EPA is continuing to aggressively implement a national enforcement initiative regarding storm water requirements, with a focus on those requirements applicable to construction sites. In brief, the storm water program for construction activities requires sites to obtain discharge (NPDES) permits and to use best management practices to minimize storm water runoff and control erosion and sedimentation. The EPA has said it intends to enforce these storm water requirements more vigorously and impose penalties on project owners, developers, and contractors who fail to follow the requirements.

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