From our client:

The Haaland Group came in and saved the project over $1 million and untold months of planning and approval time. Without their solution, this whole project might have failed.

- Wayne Hill, Project Manager
Black Mountain Ranch, San Diego, CA

The HAALAND GROUP values its many professional alliances providing each client with top-notch minds and an extended network of experience in every field. By utilizing these established and proven relationships, the company minimizes challenges and enhances the ability to meet objectives and exceed expectations.

James Dean Design, landscape architect

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STAN HOPKINS, Hopkins Engineering
has been in the consulting business for forty years. During that time he has worked as a planner, builder and developer. He has extensive experience in project management, land planning, civil engineering and architectural design.
Educated in Canada, he started his career in Urban Planning with the City of Ottawa, where he trained for five years, re-mapping the City of Ottawa for urban renewal and preparing the City's General Plan for development. The General Plan included circulation studies, subdivision planning, redevelopment planning, land use studies, zoning, and greenbelt studies to contain the expansion of Canada's National Capital District.

After the City of Ottawa, he accepted a position in Los Angeles, California and spent the next twenty-five years training and working as a civil design engineer, planner and project manager. During this time he was employed by three noted, land planning, civil engineering and land surveying firms, co-founding one of them in 1970. Each company specialized in land planning and project design for developers; but also designed infrastructure for government agencies, oil companies and the military.

His firm grew into a land development and construction conglomerate, with its own investment division and legal department. The company was a pioneer in environmental impact reporting for development projects in California.

Since then Mr. Hopkins has worked as a Project Manager, planning and developing projects for clients and business associates. He has a strong background in conceptual planning and in the presentation to public agencies for entitlements and permits.

He is a hands-on builder and has considerable real estate acquisition, sales and marketing experience. As a consultant, or project developer, he has planned, master developed and built; residential communities and a variety of other projects ranging from; single family homes, to entertainment venues, major industrial parks, office buildings, medical centers and large commercial centers.

He holds California State License number: 451310: General Engineering A and General Building Contractor B, (inactive)