From our client:

The Haaland Group came in and saved the project over $1 million and untold months of planning and approval time. Without their solution, this whole project might have failed.

- Wayne Hill, Project Manager
Black Mountain Ranch, San Diego, CA

Storm Water Information

ASBS Areas of Special Biological Significance
ASTM American Society of Testing and Materials; Standard Test Method for Particle-Size Analysis of Soils
ATS Active Treatment System
BASMAA Bay Area Storm water Management Agencies Association
BAT Best Available Technology Economically Achievable
BCT Best Conventional Pollutant Control Technology
BMP Best Management Practices
BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand
BPJ Best Professional Judgment
CAFO Confined Animal Feeding Operation
CCR California Code of Regulations
CEQA California Environmental Quality Act
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CGP NPDES General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Construction Activities
CIWQS California Integrated Water Quality System
CKD Cement Kiln Dust
COC Chain of Custody
CPESC Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
CPSWQ Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality
CSMP Construction Site Monitoring Program
CTB Cement Treated Base
CTR California Toxics Rule
CWA Clean Water Act
CWC California Water Code
CWP Center for Watershed Protection
DADMAC Diallyldimethyl-ammonium chloride
DDNR Delaware Department of Natural Resources
DFG Department of Fish and Game
DHS Department of Health Services
DWQ Division of Water Quality
EC Electrical Conductivity
ELAP Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ESA Environmentally Sensitive Area
ESC Erosion and Sediment Control
HSPF Hydrologic Simulation Program Fortran
JTU Jackson Turbidity Units
LID Low Impact Development
LOEC Lowest Observed Effect Concentration
LRP Legally Responsible Person
LUP Linear Underground/Overhead Projects
MATC Maximum Allowable Threshold Concentration
MDL Method Detection Limits
MRR Monitoring and Reporting Requirements
MS4 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System
MUSLE Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation
NAL Numeric Action Level
NEL Numeric Effluent Limitation
NICET National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOEC No Observed Effect Concentration
NOI Notice of Intent
NOT Notice of Termination
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service
NTR National Toxics Rule
NTU Nephelometric Turbidity Units
O&M Operation and Maintenance
PAC Polyaluminum chloride
PAM Polyacrylamide
PASS Polyaluminum chloride Silica/sulfate
POC Pollutants of Concern
PoP Probability of Precipitation
POTW Publicly Owned Treatment Works
PRDs Permit Registration Documents
PWS Planning Watershed
QAMP Quality Assurance Management Plan
QA/QC Quality Assurance/Quality Control
REAP Rain Event Action Plan
Regional Board Regional Water Quality Control Board
ROWD Report of Waste Discharge
RUSLE Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation
RW Receiving Water
SMARTS Storm water Multi Application Reporting and Tracking System
SS Settleable Solids
SSC Suspended Sediment Concentration
SUSMP Standard Urban Storm Water Mitigation Plan
SW Storm Water
SWARM Storm Water Annual Report Module
SWAMP Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program
SWMM Storm Water Management Model
SWMP Storm Water Management Program
SWPPP Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
TC Treatment Control
TDS Total Dissolved Solids
TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load
TSS Total Suspended Solids
USACOE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USC United States Code
USEPA United States Environmental Protection Agency
USGS United States Geological Survey
WDID Waste Discharge Identification Number
WDR Waste Discharge Requirements
WLA Waste Load Allocation
WET Whole Effluent Toxicity
WRCC Western Regional Climate Center
WQBEL Water Quality Based Effluent Limitation
WQO Water Quality Objective
WQS Water Quality Standard

State of California Appendix Glossary
2009-0009-DWQ Construction general permit (effective July 1, 2010)